Eilistraee Domains

Basic Information
The Dark Maiden
Lady of the Dance
Formerly: Lesser deity
Alignment Chaotic good
Favored weapon The Moonsword (bastard sword)
Dominion Arvandor (also the Demonweb Pits)
Portfolio Beauty, Dance, Hunting, Moonlight, Song, Swordwork, Freedom, Luck
Domains Chaos, charm, good, moon, luck, liberation, love
Worshipers Good-aligned drow, hunters, surface-dwelling elves

Eilistraee (pronounced eel-iss-TRAY-yee 1), also referred to as “The Dark Maiden”, was the chaotic good drow goddess of freedom, song, swordwork, hunting,luck, the moon and beauty. She was greatly angered by the evil of most drow but glad that some worked their way free of the Spider Queen’s web. Eilistraee appeared as an unclad, glossy-skinned drow woman of great height with ankle-length, sweeping hair ofhttp://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/birthright-chronicle-of-medoere/wiki_pages/new#player-secret-promo glowing silver.

She was worshiped by song and dance, if at all possible, in the surface world under the moonlit night among the woods. She took great pleasure in bards learning new songs, craftsmen at work, and the doing of kindhearted deeds.

Moon Domain

Eilistraee Domains

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