Born of revolution and faith, Medoere juts out like a sore thumb among the southern coast. As regent, you fulfill the duties of the Dark Lady of the Church of the Eilistraee, leading the theocracy to greater heights of glory. The domain is yours to command – if you have the courage, the conviction and the blood of kings in your veins.

Once a province of Diemed, Medoere was initially formed by the human followers of the Dark Maiden who settled into Diemed’s frontier, led by Brun, a priest of Eilistraee.

However, persecution from Diemed led to revolution by the settlers. On a moon-filled light, when Diemed’s troop was about to march into Medoere’s lands, a small group of drow arrived and came to the aid of the followers. Once frightened, Brun soon saw that they bear the favor of the Dark Maiden. The strangers explained that they were exiles from a city that saw no light. Faithful of the Dark Maiden, they found a tunnel that led to surface lands and visions brought them to Medoere.

The two groups worked hand in hand with each other to defeat the troops and Medoere became a new domain.

Big 16
1. What game system are you running (D&D, Call of Cthulu, Palladium, GURPS, etc.), and if applicable what edition (Original, Classic, Revised, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 10th, etc.)?

Pathfinder with modified d20 3.5 materials

2. What ‘type’ or variant of game will it be (i.e. “Shadow Chasers” or “Agents of Psi” for d20 Modern)? What is the setting for the game (eg. historic period, published or homebrewed campaign setting, alternate reality, modern world, etc.)?

Homebrewed campaign

3. How many Players are you looking for? Will you be taking alternates, and if so, how many?

4. What’s the gaming medium (OOTS, chat, e-mail etc.)?

Face 2 face

5. What is the characters’ starting status (i.e. experience level)?

Level 4

6. How much gold or other starting funds will the characters begin with?

- Level 4 standard gold

7. Are there any particular character classes, professions, orders, etc. that you want… or do not want? What are your rules on ‘prestige’ and/or homebrewed classes?

following classes are not allowed: antipaladin, demonic apostate, basically any that has a evil feel.

8. What races, subraces, species, etc. are allowed for your game? Will you allow homebrewed races or species? ‘Prestige’ races or species?

Only humans and drows are allowed. Drows are standard drows without light blindness. No drow noble

9. By what method should Players generate their attributes/ability scores and Hit Points?

25 point buy, 1/2 +1 for hitpoints

10. Does your game use alignment? What are your restrictions, if so?

Standard alignment rules, but no evil alignment and no Chaotic Neutral

11. Do you allow multi-classing, or have any particular rules in regards to it?

Multi-classing is absolutely allowed. There are no XP penalties for multi-classing. Paladins, monks (& any others) can multi-class freely without restriction. No limit to # of classes that you can take. Alignment and other prerequisites still stand, unless you can convince me otherwise (so no paladin/ assassins).

12. Will you be doing all of the die rolling during the course of the game? Will die rolls be altered, or left to the honor system? If players can make die rolls, which ones do they make, how should they make the rolls, and how should they report them?

Face 2 face

13. Are there any homebrewed or optional/variant rules that your Players should know about? If so, list and explain them, or provide relevant links to learn about these new rules.

1. Defense variant :
2. Armor as DR:
3. Spellpoints variant:

except that you follow the number of points in
4. Birthright rules:

There is a 7th ability score as per

14. Is a character background required? If so, how big? Are you looking for anything in particular (i.e. the backgrounds all ending up with the characters in the same city)?

A basic background would be nice, just for some context. Don’t go OTT unless you want to. There will be plenty of time to flesh out the relevant parts as we progress.

15. Does your game involve a lot of hack & slash, puzzle solving, roleplaying, or a combination of the above?

- a mix of everything.

16. Are your Players restricted to particular rulebooks and supplements, or will you be allowing access to non-standard material? What sources can Players use for their characters?

Pathfinder Core Books ( I.e. Core rulebook,APG, UC, UM, UC)

3.5 allowed only upon DM approval

Birthright: Chronicle of Medoere